Personnel will be trained to use proper cleaning techniques throughout the entire installation as well as trained in all installation specific regulations. All Right 2 Work employees will present themselves in a neat and clean appearance and shall wear a uniform or other identification clearly visible at all times.  R2W employs US residents with valid work statuses.

R2W employees will conduct themselves in a manner that is non-disruptive to the occupant workforce and effectively conducive to provide services that exceed our customer’s expectations.  The employees with Right 2 Work shall be prohibited from sleeping, using government telephones and utilizing facilities for personal use.  Persons with any history of drugs, violence of any type including weapons violations, theft of all types, fraud and/or forgery shall not be employed to work at any Right 2 Work sites. Screening applicants with national background checks is mandatory.

All employees of Right 2 Work are required to abide by all company policies involving honesty on the job and accountability for work performance. Right 2 Work will be the sole judge of the efficiency and acceptability of each employee’s performance while on site