The Right 2 Work Corporation (R2W) Operations team is responsible for communicating all issues relating to contract performance and compliance to the President.


Operations Manager: Presents scheduled weekly updates in the following specific areas: Contract Performance, labor and Management Issues, Disability Support Issues, Current Project Ratios and Supply and Equipment status. The Operations Manager maintains constant contact with all Project Managers and the management team of our customers. Visits to each site are scheduled on a regular basis to manage our contracts.

Proiect Managers: Provide weekly reports for all accounts to the Operations Manager for review and validation.  These reports include detailed labor breakdowns, weekly payroll, commensurate  wage tracking sheets (if applicable), and case count tracking sheet for all DeCA contracts. These reports will summarize the previous week’s performance and are presented to the Operations Manager on a weekly basis.

Meticulous record keeping is paramount for The Right 2 Work Corporation’s success. The operations Manager and operations staff are required to document and file all issues relating to contract performance, employment and labor, legal (Workers Compensation, Unemployment) claims, contract deduction documentation and AbilityOne Compliance. Formal correspondence is reviewed by management and a copy is given to the President. Informal communication (emails) that impact any reportable process is forwarded to the President and Vice President.


Ms. Katy Moon – President

Ms. Patricia Fifer – Contract Administrator/Operations Manager

Mr. Gary Acio – Bookkeeper

Shelby Smith – Marketing & Administrative Assistant

Board of Directors

Mr. Scott DeVore – Chairman of the Board

Ms. Susan Rowley – Treasurer

Mrs. Patricia Fifer – Secretary

Ms. Stephanie Irvin – Board Member

Mr. Henry Byra – Board Member